North West, UK
Jenna Tilley is a multimedia artist bringing the topics of sexuality, relationships and the body into her work. She mainly focuses on the theme of the labia and the vulva. Her theme began when she read an article about celebrities and their “designer vaginas”. Shocked by this normalisation of modifying the vagina, Jenna began her practice of crafting vulvas, vaginas and labia in many different medias. The aim is to spread a message of love for our vaginas as they are, each one is unique and that is what makes them so spectacular.

Earthenware with light pink glaze, dripping red wax.

When creating this piece, I had just found out I had an ovarian cyst, my periods had become violent and painful to cope with. I used clay as an escape to focus my mind on something other than the pain. I created this piece to bring light to the subject of painful periods and what people who menstruate experience. Society tries to hide our periods, using blue liquid in adverts as to not “disgust” the public. Why should we hide the fluid that provided each and every person on this planet life?
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