Middlesbrough, UK.
We are XXtheatrecompany and our aim is to put women’s values at the heart of our work. We are based in the northeast and we plan on bringing theatre that is heartfelt and comedic, we want to get the audience thinking while having a good time. We hope that our work brings some change in the current climate and leaves people thinking on how they can make a difference, we want non feminists to also feel they can watch our shows and appreciate them, without feeling they are being made to change how they feel. And maybe if we're lucky we might help some of the non-feminists become one as we want to help explain to people what a true feminist really is and that all we want is equality and the same rights as men, nothing more. We plan on making our theatre company a travelling one because inequality happens every day all over the world and the rest of the world needs to see this and to see what we are trying to change, and in the hope that more people get involved, because the more people we have trying to change things the more likely it will happen. 
This piece is based upon some of the recent stories that have been in the news and how this isn't something that is spoken about and how women/ girls need to feel safe in day-to-day life, and we shouldn't have to wait for something awful to happen for people to realise this. 
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